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Apple Pencil Tips

Apple Pencil Tips

5 signs to know its time to change your Apple Pencil Tips

1. You’ve been using the same tip for over a year
Let’s start with the easiest one first! If you use your Apple Pencil reasonably often and have owned it for more than one year, there is a good chance you are ready for a replacement!

2. There is a large amount of friction
Do you feel a lot of friction when you’re drawing strokes on your iPad? Even if you’re using a matte screen protector, the Apple Pencil should glide across your screen without too much drag.

3. Brushes aren’t working as expected in Procreate
Do you notice little broken gaps in your brush strokes when using Procreate? As long as you’re not using a brush that is designed to do this of course, it could be another sign that it’s time to change your tip.

4. The pencil is less responsive
The iPad is very responsive to the pencil. If you need to tap quite hard, or re-tap because the first time didn’t register, you will definitely benefit from replacing your tip.

5. The tip is worn down and feels rough to touch
Run your finger along the tip of the Pencil to see how it feels. If it is rough to touch and the plastic is worn down, it is due for an update

How to replace your Apple Pencil tip

*Take your Apple Pencil, and twist the Apple Pencil tip counter-clockwise.

*After a few twists, the tip should come off completely, exposing the golden pins underneath.

*Take your new Apple Pencil tip and twist it clockwise into your current Apple Pencil. ...

*Test your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

Click on video to see how to change the Apple Pencil  TIPS

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Keep extra tips for your Apple Pencil at the ready. Compatible with Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil (2nd generation). Made by Apple.

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Four extra tips for Apple Pencil.



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