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Far Cry 6 Gold Edition - PS5

Far Cry 6 Gold Edition - PS5

Far Cry 6 - Gold Edition includes the full game and Season Pass: expand your experience with the Season Pass * and its additional content with the 3 DLC and more!

We welcome you to Yara, a tropical paradise that has stopped in time. As Yara dictator, Anton Castillo is determined to return to his nation the ancient glory lost by any means, and his son Diego follows his bloody steps. His ruthless oppression has ignited the flame of revolution.

-Fight for Freedom embodies Dani Rojas, a Yara inhabitant who will become a guerrilla to liberate his nation.
-A torn YARA fights Anton's troops in the larger Far Cry to date along junglas, beaches and hope, Yara's capital.
-Guerrilla firepower help yourself with improvised weapons, vehicles and friends, the new hire fangs, to reduce tyrannical regimen to ashes.
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