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FIFA 22 physical game for PS5 FIFA22 PLAYSTATION 5

FIFA 22 physical game for PS5 FIFA22 PLAYSTATION 5



Powered by Football, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 for PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X | S takes the experience even further with HyperMotion, a new generation technology that will make you feel the minute to minute in the field. HyperMotion integrates the information of advanced movement catches of the entire team and an automatic learning system to improve the mechanics of each FIFA 22 match, using the power of the new generation consoles to provide the most realistic and fluid gaming experience to date.



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FIFA 22 starts the season innovating in all game modes.
Enjoy more homogeneous behavior among the sticks thanks to reprogrammed porters showing greater composure in the most important position of the field, make your champion dreams come true by creating and managing a club to your advantage in race mode, get rewards for playing in style with the renewed VOLTA FOOTBALL mechanics, Meet again the most unforgettable players as FIFA Ultimate Team heroes and live the atmosphere of each match with the most absorbent experience seen in EA SPORTS FIFA.

HyperMotion, a great novelty from EA SPORTS FIFA in new generation consoles, combines two technologies that revolutionize the number one football game:

Advanced match capture 11 against 11
For the first time, Xsens costumes have allowed us to capture the movements of 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. This huge volume of high-quality data obtained from real people defines player and team movements in FIFA 22.

Learning Machine
Our cutting edge automatic learning algorithm gets information from over 8,7 million frames of advanced match capture and generates new real-time animations to make play-field interactions more organic and respond even better.

The result is a more realistic and fluid gaming experience in all matches of all FIFA 22 modes on new generation consoles.

Movement authentic team
Xsens costumes, which represent an unprecedented breakthrough, have allowed us to record for the first time data of 22 footballers playing at the highest level. All the data obtained from the touches, entries, sprints and duels represent the greatest animations update in FIFA history. More than 4000 new animations (three times more than in FIFA 21) have been added to the ribbon in terms of football intensity, ability to respond and physical presence of all players to show the most realistic moves ever seen in EA SPORTS FIFA.

Algorithm ML - Flow
Our automatic learning algorithm reinvents the operation of animations in sports video games to offer a level of fluidity and unparalleled realism. The ML - Flow algorithm generates new animations in time thanks to more than 8,7 million frames obtained by advanced match capture 11 against 11. In this way, players can better adjust the distance they cover with each stride and their speed when approaching the ball to control or shoot with the absolute precision.

IA Tactical
Tactical artificial intelligence, which would not be possible without the power of the new generation of consoles, improves the game vision of the 22 footballers, which better understand the formations and movements of both their peers and their rivals to take their strategies a step further. When they attack, players can now make up to six times more decisions per second, so they're more aware of what's around them, they move more intelligently to develop the plays and react faster when the ball stays on anyone's land. And thanks to the reprogrammed defensive, teams now behave as a unit and maintain their formation when they advance across the field and cover the empty spaces.

Disputes aerial kinetic
Improvements in technology that manages the interactions between two players are responsible for synchronizing animations and improving realism and responsiveness when they jump to make with the spherical. Prepare to see the defences and attackers push, pull and struggle while trying to control centers, take off and long passes. All this translates into more true pugnas to reality when it comes to getting to the ball first and controlling it with the head.

Composite Control ball
New animations make the ball control in FIFA 22 more natural and fluid than ever. Two-touch animations are longer and facilitate control of air balls, provide more agility in intercepting tear shots and increasing force when it is to be protected from rivals. So you'll have more options to keep up the advance when you go on the offensive.

Humanization players
Advanced catch of matches 11 against 11 improves the animations and behaviors of players when they do not have possession of the ball. You'll be able to see the rivals talk, point, and address each other according to their actions, to what needs to be added change shifts depending on the intensity and need to reach the spherical. All this makes FIFA more realistic and absorbent than ever.

Other new products

Doorkeepers reprogrammed

A new system increases doors' intelligence as the last defensive line, which is why they now stop shooting with greater reliability and make more accurate decisions between the sticks. In FIFA 22, the position personality of the doormen is based on the different styles of these players and represents the bomb-proof reflexes of the world's best goalkeepers.

Physical ball
Data from the real world that have been integrated into FIFA 22 make the physics of the ball reach unsuspecting levels of realism. Parameter adjustment such as air speed, effect, drag and resistance, ground friction and rolling resistance ensure that each touch, amago, shot, volley, pass and regate look real like life itself.

Sprint explosive
The explosive sprint is a new gameplay that changes the dynamics of situations one-on-one so you have more control over acceleration when haggling or defending. Attract your rivals and choose when you want to run at full speed to get away from the defense and throw yourself into the attack with your team.

New tactical offensive
The new offensive tactics give you more control over the game yours are playing. Organize your team with different styles in each part of the field: you can keep the ball in your territory and go for it when you enter the rival's, cover the distance between the two areas by following a more direct approach or choose the alignment you like best.

Career mode
Make your dreams come true in FIFA 22 race mode. Create a club, take it from the downwards to the top of the competition and enjoy an improved experience in the mode for a player that will allow you to progress, go further than ever and get into the skin of your game Pro game.

Come back with more ways to look at your class and express your style on the field of play so you can connect with your team on street tracks around the world.

Create Your Dream template and compete in FIFA's most popular mode. You can add thousands of players to your club and customize it as you like in and out of the field. Whether you want to play on your own at Squad Battles, with friends in FUT's co-operative, online at Division Rivals or against the best at FUT Champions, FIFA Ultimate Team He puts you full into the football world throughout the season with a variety of content based on real performances and competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the liberating CONMEBOL.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team redesigns how to compete in Division Rivals and FUT Champions, So now you have it easier to test your skills and progress in your duels against other players. Mode puts more customization options in your hands than ever, both inside and outside the field, and debuts FUT heroes, so you can see in action some of the most admired footballers of all time.

Heroes FUT
FUT heroes are new articles that honor some of the players who have made history in King sport and represent their most unforgettable moments for hobby. Robbie Keane raising the Premier League Cup in 2008, Diego Milito scoring the two goals in the UEFA Champions League final of 2010 that helped Inter to take a historic triplete, Mario Gomez securing the title of the 2007 Bundesliga for his team… heroes of FUT offers new options for creating templates with chemistry between players of the same league and the opportunity to remember the great moments that made these players earn a place of honor at FUT 22.

Clubs PRO
Thanks to the new customization options that make your team stand out in the stands and in the field, A new growth system that allows you to control the development of your virtual Pro and a much more agile social mode that puts you on a platter to find your next match, The time has come to gather the team for a new season of Pro clubs.

Unique authenticity
Enjoy a level of unparalleled authenticity in FIFA 22, a game that offers the most true experience to the real world and includes the biggest football stars and teams. With over 17 000 players, more than 700 teams, more than 90 stadiums and more than 30 leagues, FIFA 22 is the only place where you can play the iconic UEFA Champions League the UEFA Europa League, the new UEFA Europe Conference League, the liberating CONMEBOL, the South American CONMEBOL, The Premier League, the Bundesliga and the LaLiga Santander.

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