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Great tourism 7 PS5 physical game for PLAYSTATION 5

Great tourism 7 PS5 physical game for PLAYSTATION 5

Gran Turismo 7 takes advantage of everything learned in generations of racing simulation experience to offer you the best news in franchise history.

Whether you like to compete, pilot for fun, collect cars, optimize them, create designs or take pictures, you can find your plot with this amazing collection of game modes, which includes some as emblematic as a GT campaign, Arcade or driving school.

With the reincorporation of the legendary GT simulation mode, purchase, optimize, pilot or sell cars throughout a solo campaign as you unlock new bolides and challenges. And if you're passionate about measuring other rivals, test your skills and compete in GT Sport mode.

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With over 420 cars available in Central Brand and second hand car dealership from day one, gran Turismo 7 recreates the most classic models and the most avant-garde supercars with all luxury details. Enjoy the unique style and personality of each car in more than 90 circuits under dynamic climatological conditions, including the classic tracks of GT history.

Top features

Gran Turismo 7 offers you the best features in franchise history.

The best of great tourism

Use the new tools to explore the capabilities of the real driving simulator and enjoy as never at the wheel.

A garage dream

Collect, modify, drive and personalize hundreds of cars. Create your own collection for your dream garage. *

Connect and full

Join an international pilot community and share driving strategies, settings tips, designs and photos before burning wheel.
* Internet is required for most functions.

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