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New Pokemon Snap. Nintendo Switch video game

New Pokemon Snap. Nintendo Switch video game

Get ready for New Pokémon Snap, a brand New adventure for Nintendo Switch, inspired by Pokémon Snap, the classic Nintendo 64 game. Get it for Nintendo Switch.

You'll have to explore beaches, jungles and much more as Pokémon photographs of the most popular and discover both poses and behaviors never seen. Explore islands that leave you breathless, discover wild, energy-filled Pokémon, take out the best photos and complete the Fotodex.

Our adventure in this New Pokémon Snap on rails, will be in Lensis an archipelago, your main mission will be to photograph each and every Pokémon you find to fill your fotodex, at the request of Professor mirror. You can select whether you want to be a female or male character and from minute 1 you will have all the tools unlocked so you can make all kinds of reactions to the Pokémon, in order to get the best photo possible while we're on the ship called Neo-One, having the skills unlocked you can create different reactions with the blanzana, Orbes lumini, sound stimuli and scanner to generate reactions that will cause the Pokémon to interact and look differently, that will be very useful for you to get the best picture in the world You will have to repeat the different levels several times as you are taking more photos you will also unlock different paths and we will have to bear in mind that there are more than 200 Pokémons of all

In order to unlock the new routes you will have to give photos to Professor mirror who will evaluate it according to the Pokémon pose, size, orientation, frame, Other Pokémon and background after evaluating you all this gives you a number of stars that is what serves you as a guide to know how good that photo is.

Not only do you have to take photos you also have available photo editing with 2 modes, the first is photo +, you can choose blur, depth of field, focus distance, silhouettes and then there is the photo Editor with filters, stamps, frames, Which we will also have the option of sharing on social networks such as Twitter as this option is integrated.

Enjoy another level of online ranking where you upload your photos and people can score them, and you could appear in both global or regional ranking tables.

Get your New Pokémon Snap as soon as possible and be the first to have all the pokémons photographed!

Release date: 30 April 2021

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