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NO MORE HEROES 3. Nintendo Switch video game

NO MORE HEROES 3. Nintendo Switch video game

Take out the Beam Katana and get ready to stand up to the baddest superheroes!

From the entire galaxy in No More Heroes 3! Get into Travis Touchdown's skin, the

Legendary otaku killer, and chop your opponents to successfully complete a

Authentic mission failure: to save the world from alien invaders.

After an intense period of introspection, Travis Touchdown, the association's No. 1

Of murderers, he returns to Santa Destroy, his hometown. Just when a

Alien invasion!

The person responsible for this intergalactic aggression is nothing less than Jess-Baptiste VI, a

Master of the crime your friends call Prince FU ”.

To decide the fate of Earth, FU organizes the galactic classification of superheroes,

Where the deadliest killers in the galaxy take part, that is, all

Pigtails he met while he was incarcerated at Blackhole prison.

Travis is not one of those who cringe at the fighting, so he'll have to deal with it for

Climbing posts in the classification, getting their title back. And save the planet, by the way!


-Direct sequel of the main franchise No More Heroes.

-Open world in a city, Santa Destroy, much bigger.

-Introduction of some combat mechanics seen on the spin-off Travis Strikes Again, such as the Death Glove.

-Optional motion controls that give extra fun to players using the Joy-Con.

-An RPG tip: combat mechanics gain depth. It's no longer just about learning the patterns of enemies to attack or Dodge at the right time, in addition, the skills of Death Glove will have to be taken into account which adds one more layer to the strategy of fighting.

-Everything else: No More Heroes 3 explodes and emphasizes everything that made this saga famous on Wii. Fans and newcomers will enjoy a history of Series B, youth, loquísima and bizarra film, dressed with constant references to pop culture and adult humor.

-Unique boss design (and combat mechanics): Now the player faces aliens, which completely changes the design and the mechanics regarding what has been seen in previous franchise titles.

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