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RUSTLER. Nintendo Switch video game

RUSTLER. Nintendo Switch video game

Big Horse theft get the kingdom or throw it down you decide. You can enjoy this amazing game on Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In the world of Rustler he performs totally insane missions, ends up with the heroes, steals horses, face the guards, steals the peasants and become the ultimate medieval bully.

Ruster pays tribute to the GTA saga games, combined his style and gameplay with a historically inaccurate medieval style. Experience the injustices of the feudal system, the Inquisition the witch hunt and join the great tournament. You will be able to complete a wide variety of missions or completely pass the argument and sow the chaos in the city or in the villas. You have several options to move you can go on foot or steal a horse to go much faster, you can have a sword or even a crossbow to defend yourself or fight the Knights.

Be a bald medieval criminal in a nonlinear medieval game Rustler is full of anachronisms humor and references to popular culture. Have you ever been fined for parking in an area without horses? You want to fight in a medieval martial arts match? Tunneling your horse? And how about joining the tierraredondist sect? If you want to do all these things and more Ruster is your game.

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