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UNCHARTED Collection legacy of thieves PS5 game physical PLAYSTATION 5

UNCHARTED Collection legacy of thieves PS5 game physical PLAYSTATION 5


Are you willing to seek fortune?

Look for your legacy and leave a mark on the world with UNCHARTED: Legacy Collection of thieves. Enjoy the incredible film narrative and the biggest action sequences of Naughty Dog's iconic franchise.

Discover the lost history and travel around the world looking for extraordinary adventures and forgotten knowledge along with thieves Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, two enormously charismatic and multifaceted characters.



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UNCHARTED: Legacy Collection of thieves includes the laureate adventures for a player offering UNCHARTED 4: The break-up of the thief and UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, RE higher frame speed and incredible level of detail for the PS5.


UNCHARTED: Legacy Collection of thieves includes UNCHARTED 4: The outcome of the thief and UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, remastered for PS5. He plays as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in their individual Adventures, where they will be forced to face their past and forge their own legacies.

UNCHARTED 4: The thief's outcome

Several years after his last adventure, the retired fortune seeker Nathan Drake is forced to return to the world of thieves. Fate knocks on his door when Sam, the brother he believed dead, reappears in search of help to save life and offers an adventure to which Drake cannot resist.

  • Winner of over 150 awards for the game of the year.
  • An adventure around the world, with the largest and most detailed environments of the UNCHARTED franchise.
  • Fluid combat, exploration options and Hook use create even more dynamic and exciting situations.

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy

To recover an ancient artifact and prevent it from falling into the hands of a ruthless warlord, Chloe Frazer is forced to recruit the famous mercenary Nadine Ross and venture into Western Ghats, in India, to find Ganesha's Golden Tusk. On the most extraordinary journey of her life to date, Chloe will have to face her past and decide what she is willing to sacrifice to forge a legacy of her own.

  • An exotic mix of urban environments, jungles and ancient ruins on the southwest coast of the Indian peninsula.
  • Refines the acclaimed UNCHARTED franchise playability with updated systems, a film combat, exploration, complex puzzles and much more.


Features PS5

  • DualSense wireless controller features: Feel the development of the action with the haptic technology of the DualSense wireless controller in each punch, jump and drive. Live the tension of swinging on a rope with the dynamic adaptive triggers.
  • Fast charge:Return to the adventure as soon as possible with the PS5 system's ultra-high speed SSD and its almost instantaneous load.
  • Audio 3D:Listen to how UNCHARTED world: Legacy Collection of thieves comes to life around you with the 3D audio.1
  • Fidelity mode:Play with maximum sharpness with native 4K resolution and 30 fps target frame speed.2
  • Performance mode:Enjoy a target frame speed of 60 fps.
    • Players with 4K TVs will enjoy a 4K resolution climbing from a basic resolution of 1440p.
    • Players with 1080p HD TVs will enjoy a supersampled 1080p resolution from a basic 1440p resolution, with improved anti-aliasing.
  • Performance mode +:Play with a high impact target frame speed of 120 fps3And a resolution of 1080p.

13D Audio via built-in TV speakers (requires configuration, plus system software update to your latest version) or analog/USB Stereo Headset.
2A 4K compatible TV or screen is needed.
3A 120Hz compatible screen is needed.

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