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Video game MANEATER for Nintendo Switch

Video game MANEATER for Nintendo Switch

The action game you play as a predator of the Seas arrives, you will experience the most by pretending to be a Maneater shark for Xbox Series,Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5

Maneater is a role and action game with a humorous touch that we meet a shark that grows and evolves by eating humans in an open world. Shark feeding will not be limited to humans on the coast, but we will also travel along beaches, pools and golf courses to meet our vital needs.

As we are doing we will grow in size and get different powers by varying the statistics and different parts of the fish.


-Action RPG for a player

-Explore many underwater landscapes

-Your only tools are your jaws, your ingenuity and the ability to evolve while you feed.

-Eat, explore and become a killing machine.

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